StaffStat background



Revolutionizing the Health Care Sector

Born out of the challenges that occur in a regular day in the staffing industry, StaffStat was founded in 2012 as a simple, quick and effective way to get shifts covered. Initially conceived as a solution for filling sick calls in the healthcare industry – an industry with a 100% higher absentee rate than any other – StaffStat’s technology allows employers to connect with all staff at once, using multiple notification options. StaffStat allows shifts to be covered in seconds, from anywhere, at anytime, optimizing patient-to-staff ratios and reducing stress on front health care workers.

StaffStat was the winner of NORCAT’s inaugural PITCH competition in 2014, and used the momentum and recognition to begin to commercialize. In 2017, StaffStat was awarded the Innovation Award at the Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce Bell Business Excellence Awards.

“NORCAT has provided us with exceptional mentors – these individuals continue to work with both Plan A and StaffStat. Our mentors have connected us with the right people in the Sudbury community, and continue to provide extremely valuable feedback to help us with the growth of our company.”

Melanie Morin
CEO, StaffStat

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