Symboticware background


Collect. Connect. Act.

Founded in 2008, Symboticware specializes in combined software/hardware solutions for real-time gathering, transmitting, and analyzing of data generated by equipment in the field. Its ruggedized hardware and sensors collect data for improved safety and productivity in surface and underground mines.

In a short time, Symboticware has expanded to more than a dozen employees and tripled its workspace. The company is changing the way global mining operators communicate underground. Providing immediate data collection and analytics, Symboticware’s technology allows for better and more informed decisions leading to enhanced productivity, sustainability, profitability, and safety. Its task management software allows miners working underground to transmit information instantaneously and interact with operators thousands of feet above ground. Mining is now more efficient, productive, and safer.

Symboticware’s utilization of the NORCAT Underground Centre was similar to having access to an “active laboratory”. The Underground Centre, situated in Sudbury, is unique in the world and a key anchor that demonstrates the global eminence of the mining technology cluster. Beyond development and testing activities, the networking opportunities and exposure to investors and networks outside of Sudbury has allowed Symboticware to showcase, sell, and promote its digital mining solutions to a global audience.

“The NORCAT Innovation Mill has enabled Symboticware to be a global leader and innovator in underground communications and real-time data gathering technologies. NORCAT’s ability and influence has allowed our company to access funding, market exposure, and grow into a leading-edge technology provider. Demonstrating products in an operating mine setting is an opportunity few others in the world have - it has played a key role in the development and success Symboticware enjoys today.”

Kirk Petroski
Founder and CEO, Symboticware Incorporated

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