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Innovative Mining Solutions

Since 2003, TesMan’s mandate has been to make mines safer. With experience and expertise proven on four continents, the Sudbury-based company has built an industry-wide reputation for innovation and problem solving.

Specializing in consulting and product development, TesMan applies its mining and mechanical engineering expertise, along with robotics and software applications, to create proprietary and patentable solutions for both shallow and ultra-deep extraction environments. By gathering and analyzing data, TesMan designs unique solutions using a combination of technology and consulting services. Those solutions are then built, implemented, and shared world-wide.

Access to NORCAT’s Underground Centre has enabled TesMan to develop and patent technologies with the potential to revolutionize how companies mine underground. The ability to develop, test, refine, and showcase this technology in an operating mine has allowed TesMan to rapidly advance and scale as a company. Being headquartered at NORCAT in Sudbury, the world’s leading mining technology cluster, has allowed the company to network with industry professionals, academic leaders, and recruit key talent.

"TesMan SP_TRL Demo / Extreme Machines Week" | Daily Planet - Discovery Channel (November 2017).
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“From a small business perspective, being part of a larger high-end innovation centre and team is invaluable to a start-up innovation firm. The danger in going from entrepreneur/innovator to a business is there is a lot out there that you don’t know. Working with NORCAT Innovation and its connections, we’ve learned more about what we don’t know and we learned how to do what we don’t know. We’ve grown from innovator to a commercial business, and that’s because of the leadership at NORCAT.”

Rod Steele
Founder, TesMan

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