Market Research

Market ResearchHundreds of thousands of people consider starting new businesses each year, and each of them will ask themselves the same questions:
Does my product or service fill a need?
Who will buy my product or service?
What will my price point be?
What are the trends in my industry?
Who are my competitors?

This information isn’t just interesting or “nice to know”, it is critical to the success of your business.  Our job is to connect you with resources that answer your questions, allow you to communicate effectively, identify opportunities, and pinpoint potential obstacles or problems.

Through our partners at the MaRS Discovery District, we have preferred access to leading international market research resources and a team of sector research specialists in information and communications technology, clean technology, advanced materials and engineering, energy and resources, life sciences and healthcare, and social innovation. To access this exceptional resource, you must engage with your NORCAT mentor and work together to identify and formulate questions that need to be resolved.


A good place to start looking for answers is the MaRS Venture Services. Created by the experts at MaRS Market Intelligence, the Startup Library is a collection of highly vetted resources that will enable entrepreneurs to answer common market research questions.  Or, check out MaRS Reports.  These are white papers that can help entrepreneurs identify emerging market trends in science, technology and social innovation.

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