PITCH 2015

PITCH 2015

Discover the Innovative Potential of the Sudbury Community!


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The Pitches


with JR Paquette

Bait-2-Go is a startup company with the goal of fabricating a product whereby all anglers (kids, adults, seniors) can further enjoy the outdoors by adding convenience to their fishing experience. Most available bait holders in the industry are bulky, heavy when full, and cannot be readily adopted for multi vessel use. Bait-2-Go’s patent pending product is very versatile, and the ease of manipulation makes it the first of its kind in the industry. In a 2010 study from the Canadian Sportfishing Industry Association (CSIA), anglers spend a total of $8.3 billion annually to support their outdoor passion. It’s a big market!

Clickmox Solutions

with Syed Naeem Ahmed

Clickmox provides product development and consultancy services primarily to mining sectors and specialize in 3D laser profiling, automation, robotics and sensors. Their combined scanner/hardware and proprietary real-time mapping algorithms can be used by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) and other autonomous vehicles, creating multiple market opportunities for Clickmox. Their clients include Rio Tinto, Vale and Glencore.


with Alexis Fuller

FashionCircle is a start-up company with the goal of making online shopping social. Shopping is a social activity, however online shopping is not. In recent years, consumers have gradually integrated shopping socially online through multiple social media platforms. FashionCircle is an online shopping experience that facilitates this feature. Unlike competing websites, FashionCircle is a separate entity and operates as its own social network.

Ambience Data

with Nisha Sarveswaran

Air quality is a major factor in our health. Knowing about the air we breathe is as important as knowing the ingredients in the food we consume and quality of water we drink. However, air doesn’t come in labeled packages and as a result; we unknowingly breathe in contaminated air and expose ourselves to many health hazards.

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