Record Management and Site Compliance

NEW - Introducing the NORCAT Training Administration System
Over the next few months, the NTAS (NORCAT Training Administration System) will be replacing the ISMS (Integrated Staff Management System). The change is intended to address new features and improve efficiency for our customers and clients.

The new features/changes include:

  • The ability to add/import photos to employee profiles
  • Monetary credits will replace ordering individual course credits
  • The ability to add and administer third party training
  • Multi-tiered admin profiles
  • The ability to administer Compliancy profiles
  • The ability to view credit balances and previous orders

Both the ISMS and NTAS will be available for the next few months while we transition to using the NTAS on a permanent basis.

If you wish to start using NTAS, or have any questions related to the new system, please contact us at 705-521-8324 x450 or .

Record Management

Maintain, track, and record your employees’ training records with our online Record Management System.

Sometimes also referred to as an LMS or Learning Management System, NORCAT has developed its own Record Management System, that allows for multiple administrators, using a customer specific User ID and Password, to gain access to the online database.


  • Online access 24/7 from wherever an internet connection is available
  • Allows administrators to add/edit/enroll their employees
  • Tracks online/Third Party training/site-specific records and keeps a ‘history’ of all training associated to employees
  • Third Party training has a ‘credit’ system that allows for creation and tracking of any ‘in-house only’
  • Administrators can either pre-purchase online training accounts and have a pool of courses to pick from and/or can purchase accounts and link up to employees directly through the ISMS database.
  • Pre-purchased accounts never expire while in the pre-purchased state
  • Various types of documentation can be printed out specific to completed courses
  • Automatically updates training status when completed in-house

Site Access System and RFID

We provide turn-key training, site access and security solutions for industry. With the swipe of a card, NORCAT’s Site Access System and allows the individual access to the site and the security RFID system allows for tracking of vehicles, property and contractors while on property.

Site Access Kiosk features include:
  • Training tracked through site access cards
  • Training expiration reports
  • Allows for employer updating and contact notification
  • Location requirements
  • Instructions for non-compliancy
RFID features include:
  • Vehicle, individual and asset tagging
  • “Currently on property” and company traffic reports
  • Controlled mechanical entry
  • Emergency vehicle tagging and auto-entry
  • Restricted individual notification

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