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#770225 - Basic Underground Hard Rock Mine Service Types Common Core $350.00
#770225 - Basic Underground Hard Rock Miner Service Types Common Core (module U0012 only) $185.00
Accident and Incident Investigation Awareness $29.95
Agnico Eagle - Macassa Mine Surface & UG Induction $59.00
Agnico Eagle - Macassa Mine Surface Induction $59.00
Agnico Eagle - Macassa Mine Visitor Orientation $29.95
Agnico Eagle - Macassa Surface and Mill Induction $59.00
Agnico Eagle Detour Lake Mine Site Orientation $55.00
Agnico Eagle DLM Process Plant Safety Orientation $55.00
Alamos Gold Island Gold Surface Induction $60.00
AODA-Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities $29.95
Argonaut Gold Magino Project Worker Orientation $60.00
Asbestos Awareness $29.95
CC U0012 Lock out and Tag Prime Movers + Practical $75.00
CCSIC Training Program $20.00
Centerra Gold Mount Milligan Mine Site Orientation $60.00
CGS EHS Rules - Contractor is Constructor $36.00
CGS EHS Rules - Service Contracts or CGS is Constructor $45.00
Chemical Hazards $29.95
Confined Space Entry Ontario $29.95
Côté Gold Project Site General Orientation $60.00
De Beers Victor Mine Site Orientation $55.00
Epiroc Express Orientation $29.95
Excellence in Customer Service $29.95
Forklift Awareness $29.95
General Safety Awareness $29.95
High Pressure Washing $55.00
Industrial Vacuum Equipment $55.00
Kirkland Lake Power Corp - Site Procedures: Contractor’s Package $50.00
Lake Shore Gold Delivery/Driver Orientation $0.00
Lake Shore Gold Surface Induction $55.00
Lake Shore Gold Surface/Underground Orientation $55.00
Lock Out and Tag Out Awareness $29.95
Magris Talc Safety Indoctrination $60.00
McEwen Mining Pit and Underground Induction $60.00
McEwen Mining Delivery/ Sales Induction $29.95
McEwen Mining General Induction /WHMIS Induction $60.00
McEwen Mining Mill Induction $60.00
Newmont General Site Induction $60.00
Newmont Hoyle Pond Surface Induction (Porcupine) $40.00
Newmont Mill Induction $40.00
Newmont Porcupine Dome Surface Induction $40.00
Newmont Porcupine Hollinger Open Pit Induction $40.00
NORCAT Underground Centre Visitor Orientation $0.00
Office Safety Awareness $29.95
Respiratory Protection Awareness $29.95
Safe Work Practices $29.95
Sudbury INO General Orientation $55.00
Sudbury INO Truck Driver Indoctrination $0.00
Supervisor Health and Safety Awareness in 5 Steps $0.00
TDG for Shippers - Glencore $20.00
Traffic Control and Signalling $29.95
Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) for Driver $29.95
Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) for Shippers $29.95
Wallbridge Fenelon Project General Orientation $45.00
Wallbridge Projet Fénelon Orientation Générale $45.00
Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd. General Orientation $60.00
Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd. Visitor Induction $29.95
WHMIS $29.95
Worker Health and Safety Awareness in 4 Steps $0.00
Workplace Violence and Harassment $29.95

*Student pricing available at time of payment

IMPORTANT! Please note the following:
  • Please bring proof of WHMIS (Dated within 1 year) at the time of training as it is a prerequisite for the NORCAT Pass.
  • Program U770225 (Common Core) and the General Orientation Pass are prerequisites for the Underground Orientation Pass.
    Please be prepared to show proof of the Common Core (MLTSD Transcript) prior to training.
  • Validation testing is done between 8am and 3pm, Monday to Friday.
  • NORCAT will contact for practical if there is an issue with the desired date.
  • Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours ahead of scheduled class or will be subject to non-attendance fee.
  • Personal email addresses are only collected for the purpose of sending training documentation.

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