SpotAudit provides a real-time contractor training compliance tool for in-the-field record verification.

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Quickly audit training records.

Scan the QR code found on a contractor’s NORCAT card or their profile in the Safety Wallet App. Spot Audit will determine if they have completed the required training for your contract.

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Filter relevant contracts.

Find the contracts that matter to you. Contracts can be filtered by company as well as recently selected for frequent Spot Audit users.

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Search for specific contract items.

Never miss a contract item. Locate your contracts efficiently and get to work faster.

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Verify workers for specific contracts.

Determine whether a contractor has completed the required training to work your specific contract. View their full training history along with the expiry date of specific courses.

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Simple help guide for new users.

Just downloaded the app? Or need a quick refresher? Spot Audit’s detailed instructions will walk you through the process start to finish.

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Streamlined reporting process.

Quick and easy sign in with your existing NORCAT NTAS credentials. Don’t have an account? Join us now.

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Streamlining safety on your worksite.

Perfectly paired for compliancy.

NORCAT’s proprietary card stays with the individual and links to our secure, on-line database containing the worker's full training history and records to ensure real-time on-site compliance and validation with the Spot Audit App.

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Contractors can present either their NORCAT issued compliancy card or present their QR card found on the users profile in the Safety Wallet App.

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for free!

Expedite and simplify your process using SpotAudit.
Available now on Apple iOS and Android.