Startup 101

Welcome to Startup 101!

Startup 101 is a FREE course that provides practical, relevant, advice for those who are interested in starting their own business.

Over 25 weeks participants will be introduced to a range of topics as well as the obstacles and challenges entrepreneurs face when starting a startup, and importantly, how they can be overcome. The course will cover subjects every entrepreneur should have an understanding of and provide a solid base of knowledge for those who plan to make the jump to starting a business.

The lectures are delivered by tried-and-true entrepreneurs (many of them local) and subject matter experts, so participants get first-hand knowledge from people who have been-through it themselves.  They’ll discuss their experience as an entrepreneur, including their successes and failures.

Startup101 culminates in our UpStart! Competition, where participants who have attended 20 of the 25 lectures will be given the opportunity to pitch their business ideas and compete for a cash prize!

Not an entrepreneur?  Not a problem!  This course offers something to everyone.  It is a great opportunity to add to your skill set, develop professionally, continue your education, and network with future entrepreneurs.

NOTE! Participants who have attended 20 out of 25 lectures will be issued a NORCAT Entrepreneurship Education certificate at the end of the course. Attendance will be tracked and each person will be able to check themselves in at the beginning of each lecture.


“I am so pleased this initiative was launched!”

“I appreciated having access to recorded lectures through the website”

“The NORCAT staff was incredible!”

“ENT101 was a mechanism for me to educate myself and gain the necessary knowledge to start my business.  I truly believe that I would not have been able to start my business in the timeline that I did without the ENT 101 course. I highly recommend the ENT 101 program to anyone who has any inclination of starting their own business.”

Course Info:

Location: NORCAT Centre, 1545 Maley Drive, Sudbury ON
Lecture Times: Wednesdays, 6pm – 7pm (unless otherwise stated in the course calendar)

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Past Lectures
LECTURE 1: Introduction


LECTURE 2: Value Proposition and Business Model Canvas

Presentation  |  Resources | Video

LECTURE 3: Market Research & Idea Validation

Presentation | Video

LECTURE 4: Inspiration


LETURE 5: Product or Service Development

Presentation |Video

LECTURE 6: Commercializaton Strategies/Go-to-Market

Presentation |Video

LECTURE 7: Understanding Intellectual Property

Presentation |Video

LECTURE 8: Raising Capital

Presentation |Video

LECTURE 9: Social Media for Startups

Presentation |Video

LECTURE 10: Designing Websites

Presentation |Video

LECTURE 11: Brand Building

Presentation |Video

LECTURE 12: B2B Sales


LECTURE 13: Networking Bootcamp

Presentation |Video

LECTURE 14: Financing

Presentation |Video