VR Scissor Lift

  • Client
    NORCAT, Internal
  • Location
    Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
  • Type
    Experiential Learning
  • Platform
    VR / Oculus Quest / Mobile

Training on real equipment's virtual counterpart, allowing users to engage in a fully immersive, hands-on, training program.

With the advent of portable VR we saw the benefit of incorporating this into our training programs by allowing our trainees to engage with a working piece of equipment in a virtual space. Users can engage with this virtual piece of equipment by exploring its function 1:1 with its real-world counterpart by performing a physical walk around. This allows the individual to engage in an industry standard practice called a “circle-check”. The “circle-check” technique requires a full inspection of the equipment for potential safety hazards to the user or faults that can impede in the equipment’s performance.

Worker on scissor lift platform engaged with control box

This experiential application mimics a fully functional scissor lift including all standard controls that look and function like its real world counterpart. This allows users to engage in a fully immersive, hands-on, training program garnering a better understanding of the equipment’s functionality. This is particularly beneficial for users who are unfamiliar with this piece of equipment or who want to refresh their knowledge and/or practices.

VR equipment training greatly benefits both worker and employer. Workers gain an increased level of acuity through hands-on exploration with the ability to train at their own pace. This type of training allows total removal of any physical risk involved in operating potentially dangerous equipment from the worker. Workers can transition to real-world equipment after acquiring a general knowledge of the operating procedures within the simulated virtual counterpart. Employers benefit by having the ability to efficiently train or refresh workers on proper equipment practices, promoting and maintaining a safe work culture.