Fat Truck Training

Fat Truck Training

NORCAT is pleased to offer a comprehensive training course for Fat Truck Operators. The Fat Truck training teaches operators the capabilities and limitations of the vehicle, how to best operate the vehicle in various conditions, and how to use good judgement in any situation. All while doing so in the safest way possible.

Before registering for Fat Truck training, contact RufDiamond at 705-419-2653 to arrange equipment purchase, rental or lease. Fat Truck equipment must be acquired before training will be scheduled.

Cost: $375/day per person, plus HST

Expires: Every 3 years

Learn more about the Fat Truck at rufdiamond.com

Fat Truck - Level 1

Fat Truck Training - Level 1

Fat Truck - Level 1 is a 1-day course that covers getting to know your machine, learning the controls and operations of the machine, and getting hands-on operation regarding a variety of riding techniques and strategies.

Fat Truck - Level 2

Fat Truck Training - Level 2

Fat Truck - Level 2 is a course in addition to the Level 1 training. This additional day of training teaches winching techniques and how to safely enter and exit water.

For more information on equipment purchase rental or lease, please contact Daryl Adams at Ruf Diamond at 705-419-2653 or info@rufdiamond.com

For additional questions on training and availability, please contact Dan St. Onge at NORCAT at dstonge@norcat.org