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Improving the Efficiency and Safety of Mining Operations.

In just three short years, Clickmox has revolutionized the way underground mines are scanned and mapped. Clickmox’s proprietary 3D scanning and mapping technology is transforming the global underground mining industry. Providing stationary and mobile options, Clickmox’s remote-controlled vehicles and drones can scan and map hard to access areas like stopes, ore passes, and ventilation areas. Mining companies can now receive accurate information in areas that were once practically inaccessible - allowing them to identify any faults, cracks, and geological features that may impact mine safety and production. With continued growth and a strong product development pipeline, Clickmox’s technologies are being adopted in mines in Canada, the United States, and India.

Given the challenges for a start-up mining tech venture to complete testing and product validation in a large-scale production mine, the NORCAT Underground Centre was an invaluable resource for Clickmox. This unique asset allowed Clickmox to accelerate the development and commercialization of new products in a small-scale operating mine in Sudbury, Ontario—one of the world’s leading mining technology and innovation clusters.

“Without the support of NORCAT Innovation, Clickmox would not be at the stage of growth we are at now. The mentorship programs, mining industry expertise, access to the Fortin Discovery Lab, and the NORCAT Underground Centre have been instrumental in our company’s growth.”

Syed Naeem Ahmed
Founder and President, Clickmox Solutions

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