NORCAT Underground Centre

Located in Sudbury, Ontario, the NORCAT Underground Centre is an underground operating mine that serves as both an innovation and training centre providing two services:

The Underground Centre provides a place for start-ups, small / medium enterprises, and international companies to develop, test, and showcase innovative and emerging technologies in an operating mine environment.

The NORCAT Underground Centre is the destination to see emerging technologies that are transforming the global mining industry.

As the one-stop shop for the future of innovation and technology in the mining industry, we help to build and support Canada’s reputation as a leader in the global mining market. Our “active laboratory” helps to connect and build relationships between global mining companies and the startups/SMEs developing innovative mining technology.

The Underground Centre serves as a hands-on, experiential training centre for the development of our future mine workers.

The Underground Centre has become the global standard for world-class, hands-on, experiential mine skills training and development. Our team of tried and true trainers are experienced miners with subject matter expertise across all facets of the mining cycle.

Within this unique facility, NORCAT offers an array of training programs and works closely with mining companies, mining supply / service organizations, academic institutions, and government partners to develop and deliver customized programs to meet the evolving skills development needs of workers in the global mining industry.

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Did You Know?

In September 2022, the NORCAT Underground Centre will host Mining Transformed, the world's first underground tech exhibition in an underground operating mine.

Underground Training

Full Hard Rock Miner, First Line Underground Supervisor, Service Type and more.

Technology Testing

Develop, test, and showcase your technology in our operating mine.


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