Technology Testing and Demonstration

Located in Sudbury, Ontario, NORCAT is the only innovation centre in the world that has an operating mine designed to enable start-ups, small / medium enterprises, and international companies to develop, test, and demonstrate innovative and emerging technologies in an operating mine environment.

The Underground Centre has become the global destination to see the emerging technologies that are poised to transform the mining industry. In doing so, we have helped build and support Canada’s global reputation as a market leader in the mining industry. Our priority is to continue to be the global one-stop shop for all that is the future of mining technology and innovation.

Using our active laboratory, we help to connect and broker relationships between mining technology companies (the “builders” of innovation”) and global mining companies (the “buyers” of innovation) creating an ecosystem like no other in the world.

The NORCAT Underground Centre has hosted and supported hundreds of diverse technology development, testing, and demonstration projects. These projects have ranged in duration from one day to multiple years and vary greatly in sophistication, stage of development, and diversity. Some of our recent projects have focused on:

  • Tele-remote / autonomous vehicle operation
  • Resin, screening, bolting development
  • Ventilation-on-demand / monitoring systems
  • “How to” videos and training development
  • Telemetry, sensors, analytics, AI, big data, and software systems
  • Drone and survey testing and evaluation
  • Blasting materials and systems
  • Wearables for health and safety / location
  • Underground / surface drilling and bolting technology development
  • Electrical vehicles and energy storage systems
  • LTE, co-axial, leaker feeder, and Wi-Fi systems

We encourage our clients to think creatively on how to best use our operating mine to achieve your goals and know that we are flexible and will do everything we can to support your initiative.

For more information, please visit our Client Stories to learn more about the diversity of projects and the value we provide our customers.

The Underground Centre is ideal for equipment and vehicles as we drive-in accessible from surface level. This allows for ease of access to the site without waiting for cage times to go underground. In addition, NORCAT Underground Centre offers surface operations with male / female drys, desk space, meeting rooms, and Wi-Fi, among other amenities. NORCAT’s surface operations also permits for surface drilling, machinery / mobile equipment testing, and other technologies requiring surface access.

All clients of the Underground Centre are required to complete a site visit to validate project scope, activities, and timelines. We have standard terms and conditions that all clients must review and sign-off before any technology development, testing, or demonstration can be completed.

To learn more and understand our fee and costing structure, please connect with our team at the mine at 705-521-8324 ext. 259

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Did You Know?

On an annual basis, the Underground Centre supports approximately 50 mining technology projects and hosts nearly 50 global mining companies that tour our mine to see what’s next in the mining industry.

Underground Centre 3D map

The NORCAT Underground Centre’s two surface level entrances make it easy for equipment, vehicles and personnel to access over 3km of underground drifts.

To learn more about Technology Testing at the NORCAT Underground Centre, call 705-521-8324 ext. 259