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The World's Most Trusted Remote Control Company.

For more than 25 years, HARD-LINE has been developing, adapting, and creating new and innovative products that save lives while increasing efficiency in mining and other industries.

Headquartered in Sudbury with locations in Utah, Chile, and Peru, this award-winning company is known and respected industry-wide for its ability to customize and configure machinery to operate remotely via remote control and / or autonomously. Quite simply – HARD-LINE is making mines safer, efficient, and more productive.

HARD-LINE knows that change doesn't come easy. Large global mining companies are often hesitant when it comes to investing in and adopting new technologies. The NORCAT Underground Centre provides an environment where new ideas, technologies, and innovation can be developed, tested, and demonstrated in an operating mine environment. This unique Centre has become the global showcase of the future of mining and serves to address the challenges often associated with adopting new technologies.

“Without the NORCAT Underground Centre, with the technology we are currently developing, we’d have a lot of trouble doing it. Our competitors are big players in the global mining market. They have access to mines around the world. Small entrepreneurs in Northern Ontario don’t have that luxury. You can’t do a demonstration in an active mine anymore and after you build something you need to showcase it to sell it. NORCAT allows that.”

Walter Siggelkow
Founder and CEO, HARD-LINE

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