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Mansour Mining Technologies

Ensuring Rapid, Safe Advances through even the Most Difficult Ground Conditions.

Operating for more than 40 years, with 110 employees across Sudbury, Quebec, and the United States, Mansour Mining Technologies has grown to become Canada’s largest provider of comprehensive ground support solutions, smelter hardware, ventilation, rock drilling tools, and custom fabricated products for the global mining industry.

The company’s focus on innovation, strategic alliances, and industry-leading expertise assists global companies and miners in ensuring rapid, safe advances through even the most difficult ground conditions.

With NORCAT Innovation, Mansour Mining Technologies has developed a synergistic relationship that includes sharing the benefits of resources, infrastructure, and expertise. NORCAT’s Underground Centre allows Mansour to develop and test essential tools like rock-bolts and resins while concurrently ensuring the mine site has Mansour’s products to advance development and infrastructure to support other mining technology ventures in their work.

“What the NORCAT Underground Centre offers us is state-of-the-art access to an operating mine environment. The level of professionalism and the quick access to testing and validation of our products gives us the results we need for our customers. The wide variety of expertise at NORCAT allows problem solving through a pool of knowledge and organizations right there at-the-ready.”

Jean-Guy Coloumbe
President and CEO, Mansour Mining Technologies Incorporated

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