NLT background

Northern Light Technology

NLT is a turn-key partner in the design, deployment, and support of scalable technologies that revolutionize the way mines communicate, collaborate, and operate. Since 1984, NLT has pioneered innovative technologies for the mining industry with solutions for safety, communication and productivity to make mines safer and more efficient.

In 2005, NLT was the first company to implement Wi-Fi in mines and spearheaded the adoption of a new generation of safety and productivity tools through the implementation of networking technologies in mines across the world. Today, with a team that is 100 strong and locations in Canada, Australia and Chile, NLT continues to work with operations around the world to enable success through its solutions for both hard-rock and coal mining, as well as tunnelling applications such as utilities and transportation.

NLT’s pioneering IoT equipped headlamps have been installed at the NORCAT Underground Centre and serve as part of the daily operating procedures thereby validating the technology in an operating mine setting. NLT’s is always evolving and upgrading its cap lamps’ capabilities using cutting edge technology as it becomes available, thus ensuring that mines today can operate at peak productivity while ensuring worker safety.

“The NORCAT Underground Centre has allowed for meaningful and practical testing and showcasing of our technology in an operating mine environment and in real mining scenarios. The NORCAT Underground Centre is an asset that is unique to the global mining industry - demonstrating products in an operating mine setting is an opportunity few others in the world have!”
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