Rockmass background

RockMass Technologies

RockMass is an Ontario based startup with a mission to enable mines to operate safer and more efficiently through streamlined and digital data collection.

Taking measurements at a mine can be both dangerous and time consuming. RockMass has streamlined data collection for ground control engineers, geotechnical engineers and geologists to provide a safer and faster way to obtain information crucial to mining operations. Using a platform that enables engineers and geologists to collect and process 3D point cloud data into useful geological measurements, highly accurate and consistent data is available within a matter of minutes.

Given the challenge for a mining technology startup to complete both testing and product valiation in an operating mine environment, the NORCAT Underground Centre proved to be an invaluable partner for Rock Mass. The NORCAT Underground Centre allow RockMass to test their handheld and mobile mapping technology in a small-scale operating mine in Sudbury, Ontario – one of the world’s leading mining technology and innovative clusters.

“The NORCAT Underground Centre provided RockMass Technologies the environment to test our technology in an “active laboratory” setting in an operating mine. The NORCAT team has provided access to mentorship programs and mining industry expertise that, combined with access to the NORCAT Underground Centre, has allowed our company to grow.”
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