Schauenburg background

Schauenburg Industries

Schauenburg Industries Ltd. is a company of the Schauenburg Group of Companies and one of Canada’s leading manufacturers of ventilation products. Established in the heart of Canada’s mining district and located in North Bay, Ontario, Schauenburg has been providing quality and innovative products for the mining, tunnelling, forestry and other industries for more than four decades and exports to the US, Europe and Czech Republic.

Ventilating is one of the most important aspects in underground mining. Miners and other mine workers require clean air. Schauenburg Industries manufactures and supplies a full range of underground ventilation ducting, including soft flexible ducting and the rigid fiberglass variety.

Schauenberg’s approach to innovation has been to stay at the leading edge of the industry by designing and manufacturing fiberglass phenolic ducting, the only manufacturer in Canada to do so. The company leveraged the NORCAT Underground Centre to install and showcase its effective and efficient fiberglass oval ventilation tubing to mining customer prospects around the world.

“The NORCAT Underground Centre made testing our product simple, safe and easy. The team has been extremely helpful, knowledgeable and organized, and has supported us with excellent assistance to set up and test the installation of our product. It’s difficult to do a demonstration of our product in an active mine to showcase to prospective customers, and the NORCAT Underground Centre allows that.”
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