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TopVu creates and develops ruggedized products that are built for the harsh underground mining industry. These products are modernizing the global mining industry by enhancing productivity, profitability, and safety. Since 2008, the company's advances in digital technology have helped the mining industry track, locate, identify, and monitor the movement and location of personnel and assets thousands of feet underground. The TopVu Tag board incorporates electronics that pick up the location of RFID tags and transmits that information into a real-time database above ground.

The TopVu system has been installed at the NORCAT Underground Centre and serves as part of the daily operating procedures thereby validating the technology in an operating mine setting. TopVu's RFID readers allow mine operators to track people, personnel, and equipment in their operations, ensuring safety and efficiency, while also monitoring productivity and production. In an emergency, this technology shortens response times and saves lives.

"The NORCAT Underground Centre has allowed us to develop and test our technology by being in real mining scenarios. They've been extremely helpful to work with on all fronts making testing and validation easier. They're champions of forward-looking technology that's changing the mining industry."

Marc Brunet
Sales Manager, TopVu

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