NORCAT was founded in 1995 by a team of business and academic visionaries who recognized the need for an organization to promote, educate, and support local entrepreneurs, tech innovators, and skilled labour workers to enable long-term and sustainable economic and social prosperity for Northern Ontario. Since our humble beginnings, NORCAT has proudly evolved to be a multi-national, global company offering programs, services, and resources that provide our clients with the skills, competencies, and confidence to fulfill their diverse and ambitious priorities and career aspirations.

To deliver on our mandate, NORCAT is guided by an exciting and impactful strategic plan focused on five core priorities:

  1. We are the global leader in skilled labour training and development
  2. We are the global “one-stop shop” for all that is the future of mining technology and innovation
  3. We work with community partners to help start and accelerate the growth of innovative companies that will drive future economic and social prosperity for Canada
  4. We have a dynamic and exciting workplace that fosters collaboration, continuous learning and development, and a desire to achieve excellence and make an impact
  5. We celebrate and promote our success and leadership by listening, highlighting, and sharing the stories of our client’s success

Did You Know?

NORCAT was recently voted as one of the “Best Places to Work in Northern Ontario” and recognized as the best “Entrepreneurial Ecosystem” - demonstrating our commitment to creating an exciting and dynamic workplace for our staff.

Our Values

Our values embody the calibre, charisma, and characteristics of our team and our organization. The people that work here demonstrate and celebrate these values all day, every day.

Quality, Results and Impact:

Our impact is measured by the success of our customers, partners, and community stakeholders. Achieving excellence demands we define a path of continuous improvement. We listen, learn, build, measure, and repeat.

Agile and Adaptive:

We celebrate creativity, innovation, and challenging constraints. We are bold. We move fast. We are open. We recognize that day one will never look like day two – and we thrive in that environment. Many people dislike change, but remember – change is the only thing that has brought progress.

Do What’s Right:

Trust is the belief and confidence in integrity, reliability and fairness. Without integrity, nothing else matters. We always pause, reflect, and ask: what is the right thing to do? Then we do it and we do it proudly.

Teamwork and Collaboration:

We must collaborate to compete and winning must always be celebrated as a team. We can do hard things and we must do them together.

Transparent and Humble:

We invite our clients, key stakeholders, partners, and community members to continuously evaluate our performance and provide us feedback on where we need to improve. There is always room for improvement and we can always do better. When we do well, we let our clients shout it from the rafters, not us.


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